Apiary Farm SPC – Seminole

Today was a great day at the Apiary Farm. It is always re-energizing to actually get to spend some time with the bees. There was no breeze, no rain clouds, and a bright sun was out. So most of the worker bees were not in the hive and the ones that did remain were very calm. Due to an incident with the gloves, we were not able to use the club’s gloves so we only had latex gloves. It was kind of scary at first opening the hives and handling the frames with such little protection. However, the bees were very nice and didn’t sting us.

We opened up the first hive in an effort to find the queen and make sure there weren’t any bad things going on in it. The trainer pulled out the first frame and I was the first one to spot the queen. I felt really proud of myself for being able to spot her and not confuse a Drone for the queen.

Later we had a Nuc (Not sure of the spelling) box that was struggling without a queen. The club leaders decided to pull some frames with stick eggs and brood to put in the box to see if they would grow their own queen. While working with our new state inspector, Becky, we opened a box and found the frame with the queen. This time it was a little more difficult as the clouds had started to move in so the bees were coming home. While Becky and Hollie viewed the other frames I was able to hold the frame with the queen to ensure that we did not take her out of her hive or hurt her.

Lastly, I made a new friend at the farm, who introduced me to the idea of blogging and sharing my journey. Hollie and I are in the same stage of our beekeeping journey. I am excited to have a friend that is just starting out in this world. I look forward to sharing this journey not only with my friends and family, but also with Hollie and now the whole world. At least whomever in this world decides to read my blogs. LOL.


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