Beekeeping Journey

Honestly, I am not sure when my beekeeping journey started. I feel like it has always been here. I have always loved animals and have always felt a connection to preserving and restoring the environment that we as humans have harmed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every feature of comfort that we have. I also understand that we would not have them without some of the destruction that has occurred. However, at this point in human existence we have so many opportunities to decrease our impact or even restore what we have destroyed.  This has become more relevant in my life now that my husband and I are thinking about having kids.

As a young person, I participated in community service events that cleaned-up areas or raised money for conservancy organizations. As an adult I started to go to National Parks with my husband. This is when I formed a deeper love for our natural surroundings. My first step was to recycle everything that I could, but then I thought about why we even need to use single use plastics. I decided to stop using plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic straws, and one time use plates/cutlery. We put solar panels on our home to cut our use of non-renewable electric. Then I thought what can I do now, I know that bees are on the endangered list. I know that me keeping bees will not prevent the ones on the list from going extinct, but maybe by keeping bees and doing this blog it will raise awareness. At a minimum it will create a safe place for some bees, so that our plants and vegetation are able to pollinate.  Although, every time I go out to the farm I become more in love with the little insects. They truly are fascinating little creatures.

So here we go starting my beekeeping journey!!!  Wish me luck, I hope I don’t get stung too many times. LOL


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